Sweetz was officially founded by Niyaah L. Teague in February 2017. Niyaah had been baking for about four years prior. Starting off as just a hobby, she became extremely passionate about it and creating new desserts. The Banana Pudding Cake was the first signature dessert and what Sweetz is most known for. Niyaah began selling slices of her Banana Pudding cake at her grandmother's restaurant, Cooking From The Heart, in Riviera Beach, FL. From there the menu grew, adding more desserts and even milkshakes!

Niyaah's passion for baking and knowledge for branding turned what started off as just a cake into full blown business. Sweetz is known for their Pop Up Shops, being a vendor at many events and their unique catering style! With fun colors and delicious desserts. Success is imminent.

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